Designing a solar powered TTN gateway

In a couple of threads on the TTN forum, some questions on the power consumption of a LoraWAN/TTN gateway have been raised, and whether it could be powered independently, e.g. through a solar panel. I decided to revisit this topic while working on a guide on lightning protection for gateways. Completely isolating your gateway from

Test of a cheap Chinese Wiz850io Ethernet board

The Wiznet chips are arguably the easiest and most straightforward way to get a Teensy, or just about any Arduino compatible development board, on the internet. Ever since the W5100 in the first Arduino Ethernet shield, these chips have been the weapon of choice for most tinkerers. The small-footprint, Wiznet-provided Wiz820io, based on the W5200,

Non-blocking ethernet example for Teensy

To me one of the biggest nuisances with Arduino is the blocking behavior of their standard Ethernet library. I use Ethernet a lot in my projects, not to say constantly, and with the default library my application would just be sitting there doing nothing while the Ethernet connection is being set up. This can even

Teensy-Arduino Crossover (TAX) Shield

Note: if you just want the technical specifications of the board, see this page. I can’t believe it’s already been over ten months since my previous update. Time does fly when you’re combining two jobs with an as normal as possible social life, apparently. Since my previous posts, a lot of people in the comments,

Teensy-Arduino adapter shield

Ever since I discovered the Teensy 3.0 board from PJRC, I’m hooked up to it. It’s compatible with the Arduino programming language, but the microcontroller is so much more powerful than a regular Arduino or even the Arduino Due. The only downside is the limited amount of Teensy expansion shields. But what if you could

Using the Teensy 3.0 with the Arduino Ethernet shield

Do you have a Teensy 3.0 and want to hook it up to the internet? Don’t really feel like breadboarding your own Ethernet interface? Then why don’t you use one of your Arduino Ethernet shields lying around the place to provide the Teensy with Ethernet capabilities? Here we show how to do just that.